SIMS 3.5 from Sun Microsystems (Sun Internet Mail Server)
Platforms: Solaris
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Sun Internet Mail Server (SIMS) 3.5 is one of the few e-mail servers with the performance, scalability, reliability, and low total cost of ownership required by today's large commercial enterprises and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). SIMS 3.5 includes new server features such as High Availability, IMAP/POP3 Proxy, and anti-spamming enhancements designed to meet the needs of a commercial or ISP e-mail infrastructure. In SIMS 3.5, the addition of client features such as Sun Web Access software and Messaging Applications Programming Interface (MAPI) support, expands a customer client choices, along with the variety of third-party, standards-based e-mail clients that SIMS supports.

Architected from the ground up for high performance and scalability, SIMS scales cleanly from workgroups to thousands of concurrently active users and dramatically lowers the cost of managing highly reliable e-mail service in the process. SIMS natively support key Internet messaging standards such as ESMTP, MIME, IMAP4 rev1, POP3, LDAP, NOTARY, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 3.0, DNS, UUCP, and TCP/IP.

Major new features for SIMS 3.5 include:

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