CommuniGate Pro from Stalker Software, Inc. (Unified Messaging Server)
Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 99, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Mac OS X Server
Price: $499 to $4999
CommuniGate Pro is designed for an entire range of systems - from small offices on up to the major Internet providers. It inherits all the features developed and successfully used in CommuniGate/MacOS and SIMS, but has added real scalability in supporting hundreds of thousand of accounts while still being easy on resources and set up demands.

Key Features:

CommuniGate Pro communication and access modules provide all types of messaging services required for todays applications. The SMTP module sends and receives messages via the Internet using ESMTP with DSN and multichannel queuing. The POP and IMAP modules implement the standard POP3 and IMAP4rev1 protocols as well as most known extensions to these protocols. This allows virtually all mail applications to work with CommuniGate Pro mailboxes. The HTTP module supplements these modules with Web Access to user E-mail, eliminating a need for mailer applications on client computers. The RPOP module can be used to retrieve mail from remote hosts via the POP3 protocol.

CommuniGate Pro is administered via Web interface. Administrators can monitor the Server status, create, update and modify user accounts, check the status of the queued messages, delete and redirect messages in the queue, update the communication modules settings, and configure the full-featured built-in Router.

Stalker Software is known for the sophisticated Anti-Spam features in their current mail servers, and CommuniGate Pro is no exception. These features include: restricted relaying, black-listing IP addresses, domains and individual accounts; return-path verification, and support for DNS-based black-list servers (RBLs).

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