Global C, version 3.0 from Uniscape (create single-source, multilingual and fully portable cross-platform apps)
Platforms: 17 incluuding:- AS/400, Solaris and other major Unix, Windows 3.1/95
Price: contact vendor for pricining
A powerful run-time library that enables software developers to create single-source, multilingual and fully portable cross-platform applications. Global C 3.0 provides Unicode support on multiple operating systems.

For software developers who work with multilingual text, Global C takes advantage of Unicode's added functionality and simplicity. Unicode makes it easier to exchange text files that are single and multibyte by providing a consistent coding format for international character sets.

The Unicode Standard is a universal character-encoding standard used for representation of text for computer processing. The Unicode Standard provides the capacity to encode all of the characters used for the written languages of the world, using a 16-bit encoding that supports code points for more than 65,000 characters. All Global C routines that take character input or produce character output have Unicode interfaces.

Global C Version 3.0 Features:

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