JClass 3.5, JClass HiGrid and JClass DataSource from KL Group Inc. (build complete database applications without writing a single line of code)
Platforms: JDK 1.1
Price: from $199
URL: http://www.klg.com
New version of family of JClass JavaBeans providing new databound components. Automatic databinding is now built into many of the JClass components, and this release introduces an Enterprise Suite and two new JavaBeans, JClass HiGrid and JClass DataSource, that let Java developers build complete database applications without writing a single line of code.

KL Group's 100% Pure JavaBeans provide JDK support as well as easy to use interfaces for Java developers building professional GUIs.

JClass HiGrid is an innovative RAD hierarchical grid for managing, displaying and updating master-detail relation data. It uses JClass DataSource, a hierarchical data model that allows specification of queries and joins in a RAD environment. Unlike most data-bound grids, which only display records from one table at a time, JClass HiGrid enables developers to easily build powerful multi-level GUIs, allowing users to drill down to any level of detail.

JClass DataSource allows JClass Chart, JClass LiveTable and JClass Field to automatically bind to any JDBC data object, JBuilder DataSet or Visual Caf QueryNavigator instance. Using JClass DataSource, developers can easily model relationships that normally require detailed coding and create any kind of database front end with JClass GUI components, from simple form-based order entry to a sophisticated visualization application.

JClass is now available in one easy to install Enterprise Suite that includes all the JClass components and provides Gold Support with Subscription. JClass 3.5 customers also receive JARHelper, a custom utility, at no additional charge. The JARHelper utility enables developers to quickly create deployment JARs containing only the components that are used, accelerating the building of a JAR or ZIP from any of the distribution jar files shipped with JClass products.

The JClass family of JavaBean components includes

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