Ding! Version 2.0 from Activerse Inc. (presence management/instant messaging application)
Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Solaris, Linix
Price: free for non-commercial use, or $29.95 per user
URL: http://www.activerse.com
Provides a full range of communication tools such as instant messaging, chat, file/URL transfer, and live status bulletins. Ding! 2.0 also continues to provide users with the power to manage their online presence by controlling availability and access. Ding! 2.0's new features enhance security, flexibility and scalability:

Users now can open, edit and share files created by other applications. 2.0 adds support for offline messaging and provides users with secure authentication, using public-private key pairs and password encryption to authenticate users and prevent security breaches such as identity spoofing.

Ding! 2.0 also features a completely redesigned interface for simple navigation and use. Version 2.0 will retain Ding!'s unique peer-to-peer architecture, which allows connected users to communicate directly rather than through a central server, thus providing more security and reliability than server-bound communications.

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