Live Picture Image Servers from Live Picture, Inc. (serve high-quality, zoomable images via the web)
Platforms: Windows 95/NT 4.0, Solaris
Price: $2999 to $20,000 (Standard) to $60,000 (enterprise) depending on server configuration
The new Enterprise Editions give Web and enterprise users controlled viewing of remarkably detailed Zoom images in real time over any network without the need for Web browser plug-ins. Designed for enterprise applications including online commerce, image asset management, medical imaging, and defense and intelligence applications, Live Picture Image Servers already have amassed widespread industry and customer support.

With the Open Enterprise Edition, Web site developers can build linkable "hotspots" into images, which can query a database and dynamically generate a new HTML page with related information and high-resolution images. Online car shoppers, for instance, can click to zoom in to a close-up, high-resolution image of a new model's stereo system. By clicking on the hotspot link, they might see a list of specs, or even hear an audio track explaining the stereo's features.

Live Picture Image Servers are based on the industry-standard Flashpix image file format and Internet Imaging Protocol (IIP). Developed by Live Picture in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard, Kodak and Microsoft, Flashpix and IIP enable the Live Picture Image Server to transmit only the image details requested, rather than sending the entire high-resolution image. As a result, users can click to zoom in on a photo, and in seconds, examine the specified area of the photo.

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