VERA 3.0 from Systems Science, Inc. (System Verifier)
Platforms: AIX, Digital Unix, HP-UX, IRIX, Solaris, SunOS
Price: from $9,500 to $32,500
Provides an automated virtual prototype where both hardware and software verification can proceed concurrently long before the first physical prototype is built. The result is significant reduction in the time it takes to verify the complete system. VERA-SV addresses the complete verification needs for systems-on-chips.

Can automatically generate functional tests that mimic the target environment for the chips, thereby creating a virtual prototype complete with all the software including device drivers and application code. During simulation, VERA-SV can monitor coverage points in the design and/or in the generator and use the coverage results to dynamically generate new tests to cover untested areas. This feedback loop, coupled with directed, random, and constrained random test generation, facilitates quick convergence on high quality tests.

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