InQuery Version 5.0 from Sovereign Hill Software, Inc. (knowledge discovery and intelligent search)
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris
Price: starts at $15,000
The InQuery product integrates elements of previously disparate knowledge management techniques in a way that provides a unique solution to the "reinventing the wheel" problem. With its unique Collaborative Knowledge Discovery system, InQuery provides the tools to sharpen and refine a user's query and then pinpoint the most relevant source. It then uses this precise query to search the paths that others in the corporation have taken looking for similar answers. End users can then either simply select the email button to correspond with the individual who has already found the knowledge, or jump right into the knowledge discovery path and pick up where the previous user has left off, using the links automatically provided by InQuery. Unlike other solutions, this precise knowledge sharing is fully automatic and self-maintaining and requires no extra steps or actions on the part of the individual user or the administrator.

The benefits that companies can derive from InQuery include:

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