IDL 5.1 from Research Systems, Inc. (multi-platform technical, visualization and application development software)
Platforms: Windows 95/NT, Mac OS, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, Digital Unix, AIX, Linux, OpenVMS
Price: contact vendor for pricing
IDL (Interactive Data Language) is a fourth-generation programming language (4GL) for engineers, scientists and software developers building data analysis and data visualization applications. The software's Object Graphics architecture, new in IDL 5.0 and significantly enhanced in IDL 5.1, is designed to take full advantage of today's graphics standards and hardware. The device independent, object-oriented system offers OpenGL-based hardware acceleration and WYSIWYG printing. The Object Graphics architecture is delivered in addition to the IDL Direct Graphics system, which was IDL's sole visualization system prior to version 5.0.

There is also a special program whereby PV-WAVE users can trade up to IDL 5.1.

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