Media/HealthCare from Speedware Corporation (OnLine Analytical Processing business software solution for the healthcare industry)
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows NT, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris
Price: contact vendor for pricing
OnLine Analytical Processing business software solution for the healthcare industry. Helps Managed Care Organizations (and IPAs, HMOs, PPOs, etc.), increase their organizational profitability and effectiveness by consolidating and analyzing data from multiple sources in real time.

Media/HealthCare offers a solution that can be fully functional in thirty to sixty days. Besides reducing implementation time, Media/HealthCare also reduces the time and effort required to generate reports. Users can easily produce overnight reports that traditionally took weeks to create.

Specialized modules of Media/HealthCare analyze a variety of industry-specific factors like customer management, customer service, pertinence/quality of health services, availability of care, personnel management, financial management, provider profiling and practice management. Each individual user, team or division can access a custom graphical `briefing board` that reads corporate data and displays tables and charts relevant to the users' areas of interest. The briefing board also lets users point and click to drill down through top-level charts to lower levels of detail.

Media/HealthCare can automatically highlight exceptional situations in the data (such as extraordinarily high out-of-area admits or very low revenues) to help healthcare end users identify and correct problems immediately. Built-in calculation rules are provided for industry benchmarks so users can apply sophisticated calculations and statistical algorithms to the data. And the `What-If` capabilities let users enter hypothetical values to assess the impact of proposed changes to operating procedures.

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