Enterprise Miner 2.0 from SAS Institute, Inc. (data-mining product)
Platforms: AIX, Windows NT, HP-UX, Solaris
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.sas.com
Data mining is the process of selecting, exploring, and modeling huge volumes of data to uncover previously unknown patterns for business advantage. Enterprise Miner can address the entire data-mining process (sample, explore, modify, model, assess) within one automated solution.

Enterprise Miner software offers a wide range of algorithms in a single package - decision trees, clustering, neural networks, data-mining regression, associations, and others. It also introduces a unique way to compare the results of analyses and select the most effective method.

Enterprise Miner software's Process Flow Diagram, a drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI), automates the entire data-mining process of sampling, exploring, modifying, modeling, and assessing (SEMMA) customer data. This GUI provides the common ground for business analysts and quantitative professionals, who must collaborate for successful data mining.

Also provides companies with the means not only to find the answers they're looking for, but also to ask the right questions. The decision-support capabilities of SAS software provide a comprehensive and integrated set of tools for every aspect of data mining - from accessing data from diverse sources and employing the SAS data-mining methodology, to delivering results through powerful presentation features. This process reveals trends, explains known outcomes, predicts future outcomes, and identifies factors that can secure a desired effect.

Generating meaningful results through data mining is not enough - companies must also be able to share the knowledge gained through data mining organization-wide. This is best accomplished with SAS/IntrNet software, which liberally incorporates Java technology.

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