L2TP Test Suite from Midnight Networks (Automated Network Validation Tool)
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris, Linux
Price: starts at $15,000
URL: http://www.midnight.com
Latest addition to Midnight Networks' Automated Network Validation Library (ANVL) in support of tunneling protocols for Virtual Private Network Solutions (VPNs). ANVL validates the protocol implementations and operational robustness of networking devices such as high density remote access servers, backbone routers, end nodes and layer 3 switches.

Traditionally, tunneling protocols have been proprietary and therefore have limited the deployment of applications that can be implemented over VPNs. Because of its flexibility and support of multiple protocols over an IP Network, L2TP is expected to be widely deployed in products such as multiprotocol routers, servers and remote access servers. The addition of L2TP to ANVL's already extensive list of test suites will let Midnight Networks' customers ensure their products interoperate with other VPN products and solutions.

L2TP is the latest Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol for tunneling of LAN traffic across a private IP or public Internet. For corporations with remote users and sites, L2TP provides the ability to use public networks for secure LAN-to-LAN connectivity, eliminating the need to set up and manage a more costly dedicated private network.

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