Spatial Database Engine Version 3.0.2 from ESRI (for Informix Dynamic Server with Universal Data Option)
Platforms: Solaris
Price: contact vendor for pricing
The new version of SDE, custom-designed for optimum performance and functionality with Informix Dynamic Server, incorporates a Spatial DataBlade module and provides a single common interface between the user and the diverse collection of geographic data that exists within organizations. Taking advantage of the architecture of Universal Data Option, this release adds several new features and confirms ESRI's commitment to open GIS solutions.

SDE allows organizations to realize the benefits of central DBMS management of spatial data such as multilevel security, backup recovery, and failover handling. SDE dramatically increases the number of users who can be supported with traditional NFS file mounting, and provides faster query response when compared to a large, traditional, tiled GIS database. By combining the spatial database manager from ESRI with the high- performance and extensibility of Universal Data Option, SDE for Informix gives users the ability to store, query, analyze, and retrieve large amounts of spatial information easily and quickly with spatial and attribute query functions that access data natively using SQL.

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