WebReader 2.0 from The Fractal Images Company (Java-based Internet newsreader)
Platforms: Java
Price: free from Web site
URL: http://www.fractals.com/webreader
WebReader allows the user to post articles in HTML in such a way that while WebReader users see rendered HTML, HTML-disabled newsreaders see an ASCII synopsis, free of HTML tags. WebReader accomplishes this magic by including a pointer (URL) to the HTML in the article header rather than sending the HTML to the news server.

An important side benefit of this technique is that it enables articles posted from WebReader to be completely backward compatible with non-graphical news clients while at the same time save a tremendous amount of disk space on news servers around the world.

WebReader has a host of exclusive features that facilitate business usage. Among them: the ability to search and display groups whose names or descriptions match a given expression; a unique "locate author" function which identifies the author of an article, along with his or her business and home addresses and telephone numbers. It can also filter by user-geographical location, which is extremely useful for anyone who wants to develop a mailing list. These and many other features make WebReader the ultimate newsreader for companies doing business on the Internet.

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