Precise/Pulse! for HP OpenView from Precise Software Solutions (7 x 24 monitoring of Oracle database application performance)
Platforms: Oracle 7.2 and higher; Windows NT, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Dynix, Digital UNIX
Price: starts at $2000 per database server
Precise/Pulse! integrates seamlessly with the HP OpenView Network Node Manager to provide an instant, extensive, end-to-end view of Oracle database application performance directly from the HP OpenView Network Node Manager. Precise/Pulse! for HP OpenView enables systems personnel to provide efficient and fast service level management by enabling remote proactive monitoring of multiple database instances from the HP OpenView Network Node Manager console. Moreover, Precise/Pulse! for HP OpenView integrates seamlessly with Precise/SQL, Precise Software Solution's problem resolution and application tuning technology, thereby adding a detect component to the company's find, focus and improve tuning process.

Precise/Pulse! detects performance bottlenecks before they turn into performance problems. Using Precise/Pulse!, the system administrator can diagnose the status of monitored parameters and drill down to identify the origin of a performance problem. For example, Precise/Pulse! can home-in on non-productive wait states where the application spends its time, such as CPU, I/O, multi-threaded server, redo log and buffer. When excessive waits are identified, Precise/Pulse! gives an early warning signal to let users know that their applications are experiencing database resources shortages.

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