Legato SmartMedia 1.1 from Legato Systems, Inc. (advanced media management)
Platforms: Solaris
Price: starting at $5,175
URL: http://www.legato.com
Simplifies the complex task of managing the enterprise's growing base of removable media and storage devices. Legato SmartMedia is designed to enable companies to lower their total cost of ownership by maximizing hardware utilization, and lowering overall administrative and operational costs associated with media and device management.

Designed to enable enterprises to leverage investments in storage infrastructure by allowing device and library sharing across applications, such as Legato NetWorker. Legato SmartMedia acts as a gateway within or across data zones, controlling application requests for media from a central location. A data zone is the boundary of storage servers and desktop equipment managed by a single Legato NetWorker server, consisting of customer data, associated metadata, tape devices, and a built-in administrative function. Additionally, the central media catalogue enhances tracking and management of an enterprise's often vast volumes of media. Centralized management and shared libraries means increased manageability and an overall reduction in overall storage costs.

Conforms to the emerging IEEE standard for media management. By writing to the publicly available IEEE protocol, software vendors can use Legato SmartMedia and take advantage of its sophisticated features, allowing dynamic device sharing and central media and device management.

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