TurboIron/8 from Foundry Networks, Inc. (Gigabit Ethernet stackable switches and switching routers)
Platforms: none
Price: switch is $9,995; router is $14,995
URL: http://www.foundrynet.com
Based on Foundry's second-generation IronWare stackable technology, TurboIron/8 delivers non-blocking performance of 11,900,000 pps for Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4 functions. The TurboIron/8 is available as a Layer 2 switch or multi-protocol router.

With 32 Gbps of switching capacity and 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports for $1,250 per Layer 2 port and $1,875 per Layer 3 port, TurboIron/8 delivers the excellent price/performance in a stackable all Gigabit Ethernet switch and switching router.

TurboIron/8 is built on IronWare, Foundry's non-blocking, multi-layer architecture. Each TurboIron/8 utilizes a high bandwidth shared memory fabric that switches up to 32 Gbps of bandwidth. This switching fabric houses the forwarding engines and includes ASICs that perform high speed Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4 look-ups and forwarding, including IP/IPX sub-net look ups and packet modifications of IP and IPX packets. Scalability, Resiliency and Advanced Layer 2/3 Features

With up to 32,000 MAC addresses and 230,000 IP routes, the TurboIron/8 easily scales to meet the demands of large environments. Features such as redundant switch/router with sub-second fail-over provide a high level of resiliency for ISPs and mission critical enterprise networks. Load sharing and fault tolerant trunk groups provide up to 4 Gbps of bandwidth. The TurboIron/8 also includes a fast convergence option for multiple spanning trees that reduces link failure recovery time.

The TurboIron/8 switching router supports a wide range of protocols, including IP with RIP1/2 and OSPF, IPX with RIP and SAP, Appletalk, Foundry's Standby Router Protocol (FSRP), IGMP, DVRMP and PIM multicast. Such extensive protocol support ensures interoperability with existing networks and network-wide performance improvement.

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