Virtual Instrumentation Beans from ErgoTech Systems Inc. (100% Pure Java for manufacturing integration and plant floor control)
Platforms: Java
Price: $399 (single developer), $799 (professional developer)
The VIB product is used to develop Java technology-based graphical user interfaces for industrial and laboratory control applications.

This product is characterized by its ability to connect to live data sources for real-time updates by simple extensions of the basic VIB Data Servers provided in the package. 100% Pure Java certification ensures that this VIB product is portable across all environments and platforms that are Java compatible. This certification ensures that this product is written entirely in the Java language and has been certified by an independent testing center on multiple platforms.

These JavaBeans are a collection of graphical and data server components that are designed to be used with industrial real-time devices. With highly optimized graphics for lightning fast updates they are perfect for any time sensitive data. And since they are easily configurable and all the objects are fully scalable, they make generating screens fast and easy.

These Beans also come with an abstract data source object that can easily be subclassed to easily attach your own devices. We also include many example servers (with source code) that can be changed to fit your own needs. There is also a well defined event model that can easily be implemented by your own beans that follows the Java 1.1.x event model.

All these JavaBeans are designed to work together and each Bean's properties have the same look and feel. All the Beans have multiple choices of background panels and boarders to mimic actual panel display layouts.

Here are examples of the JavaBeans included in this package: - Strip Charts - Meters - Knobs - Seven Segment Displays - Annuciators - Active Graphics (Fillable Shapes) - Bar Charts

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