Diffusion Server Release 3.0 from Diffusion, Inc. (customer relationship management system)
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris
Price: starts at $75,000
URL: http://www.diffusion.com
An enterprise software product that lets a corporation use its extranet Web site as an interactive vehicle for proactively defining and delivering event alerts and important document updates to customers.

Diffusion is a customer relationship management system that performs subscription-based event notification and document delivery for financial institutions, pharmaceutical firms and telecommunications companies. Operating without the need for separate client software that must be downloaded and maintained at each individual's desktop, it frees corporate customers from having to load client software to define and manage their alert preferences and profiles.

With the new version of Diffusion Server, the potential information recipient (e.g., salesperson, customer, supplier) can visit a company's secure extranet Web site to find out what information he is eligible to receive. He then indicates the items he wishes to receive and how he wishes to receive them -- e.g., by e-mail, fax, pager, cellular phone, Web, printer or postal delivery. Release 3.0 also provides an open set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to tie the occurrence of events directly to the Diffusion Server, which converts them into desired media formats and delivers them.

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