Seamless Co-Designer. from Mentor Graphics Corporation (Hardware/Software Co-Verification)
Platforms: Solaris, HP-UX
Price: $15,000 and Foresight Co-Design floating licenses at $60,000
Enables Seamless Co-Verification Environment (CVE) to include system models, allowing hardware/software integration to begin as early as possible in the design cycle. Customers are now able to execute system software against a mixture of high-level system models, as well as against hardware models described in either VHDL or Verilog.

Seamless Co-Designer is an interface between Seamless CVE and Nu Thena Systems' Foresight Co-Design. Seamless CVE creates a virtual prototype of an embedded system by bridging software and hardware development environments. With Seamless CVE, interface errors between hardware and software are detected earlier in the design cycle when fixes are dramatically less costly and time-consuming. Foresight Co-Design is a powerful system-level modeling environment that includes a transaction simulator. The user can capture, design, model and simulate the system to verify the specification and performance. This ensures that both functional and performance requirements are satisfied while minimizing time and production costs.

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