WinTED 3.0 from TriTeal Corporation (UNIX/NT Integration Software)
Platforms: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, SunOS
Price: $248
Enables seamless delivery of multiple Unix platforms to a common Windows desktop. WinTED delivers advanced desktop management features, providing desktop and system-level integration so that a Windows client can access, execute and display Unix applications and files just as if they were within a native Windows environment.

Provides automatic desktop integration of remote servers, giving the user access to multiple Unix and NT network resources directly from a Windows desktop. End users can benefit from a familiar, yet flexible desktop that provides simple point-and-click access to network resources, while systems administrators enjoy benefits of central administration, effortless set up and reduced maintenance time.

WinTED 3.0 provides an exceptional level of integration between Unix applications and the WinTED desktop, reducing system administration headaches. New features include the Application Integrator, which automatically gathers applications, file types, and icon data from multiple Unix-hosts and integrates that data into the Windows Start and Explorer menus. This enables users to store and launch Unix files and applications alongside their Windows files and applications, thereby giving users the ability to launch either Unix or Windows files from the same desktop.

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