Cerve provisioning manager 2.0 from Metapath Software Corporation (real-time wireless service activation product)
Platforms: HP and Sun enterprise-class platforms running HP-UX, Solaris; client access available on Windows NT.
Price: contact vendor for pricing
URL: http://www.metapath.com
A new version of Metapath's real-time wireless service activation product, Cerve provisioning manager. Increased performance and flexibility in this release enable carriers to deliver services more rapidly to their subscribers and provide greater control over the provisioning process. This results in increased revenue, lower churn and reduced operating costs for carriers.

Cerve 2.0 capitalizes on the strengths of object-oriented architecture to incorporate new service platforms in half the time when compared to many legacy systems. Its flexible and open architecture rapidly integrates front-end applications such as conventional and Web-based customer care and point-of-sale systems. This platform creates the infrastructure for an expanded activation environment where subscribers select services over the Internet, corporate accounts manage their own activations and carriers introduce new services in weeks instead of months.

Cerve's architecture provides a framework for quick deployment of services and its high level of configurability also gives a carrier greater control over activation. Java-based GUIs and a task-oriented approach to activation and system management, put power back into the hands of the carrier. The result is the ability to respond more quickly to customer needs and improve operating efficiency.

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