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Publisher, Editor in Chief
Michael E. McCarthy, michael.mccarthy@sunworld.com 415-267-1727

Mark Cappel, mark.cappel@sunworld.com 415-267-1725

Michael O'Connell, michael.oconnell@sunworld.com 415-267-1710

David Burnette, david.burnette@sunworld.com 415-974-7313

Business Manager
Barbara McDonald, barbara.mcdonald@sunworld.com 415-978-3395

Production Editor
Carl Strolle, carl.strolle@sunworld.com 415-974-7351

Advertising Sales

Director of Advertising
Colette McMullen, colette.mcmullen@sunworld.com 415-267-4527


Corporate Business Manager
Christina W. Spence

Accounting/Operations Manager
Pat Murphy

Accounting/Facilities Manager
Michelle Reyes

Street address

SunWorld Online
501 Second St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

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Board Chairman
Patrick J. McGovern

Kelly Conlin

Chief Operating Officer
James Casella

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