Originally published in the February 1995 issue of Advanced Systems.

New or updated products for advanced systems computing

Products mentioned are new or significant improvements to previous versions. Prices are for single quantity or license, unless noted. Each product should be available now.

PC X servers. WRQ is shipping Reflection X version J4.1, a PC X server that provides on-line help, documentation, and the entire user interface in Kanji. It runs on the majority of Japanese PC platforms. WRQ, Seattle, WA, 206-217-7100. RS# 388.

Connectivity software. Esker is shipping version 7.20 of its PC-to-Unix connectivity software TUN PLUS ($295; $105 as an upgrade). Version 7.20 gives Windows users the ability to combine Unix with their familiar Windows interface. Esker, Foster City, CA, 415-341-9065, 341-6412 fax. RS# 374.

Manufacturing software. CADIS-PMX Parts Management eXpert ($50,000 to $500,000) is a manufacturing-industry desktop tool that retrieves parts based on their attributes only, without having to know the part number or text description. CADIS-PMX uses artificial intelligence (AI), object-oriented design, and dynamic class management. CADIS, Boulder, CO, 303-440-4363, 440-5309 fax. RS# 362.

Network-management software. LicenseTrack records and monitors software usage, provides e-mail alerts to warn of approaching license limits, and uses color charts and graphs to display software-utilization patterns. Central Design Systems, San Jose, CA, 408-383-9399, 383-9395 fax. RS# 364.

Virtual-reality tools. Fakespace introduced the FS2 (Fakespace Simulation System) ($95,000), an immersive stereoscopic display system for easy entrance into and exit from simulations and virtual environments. Also announced is the Fakespace Stereo Viewer, which allows group participation in immersive kiosk systems, such as the one in use by Sapporo for their "Virtual Brewery" experience. Fakespace, Menlo Park, CA, 415-688-1940, 688-1949 fax. RS# 369.

Network-management software. Bridgeway is shipping MapSync 1.0, a network-management application that synchronizes object database and network topology mapping functions across dissimilar platforms (HP OpenView, NetView/ 6000, SunNet Manager, and Encompass) under SNMP. EventIX 2.0 for network managers is also shipping, with a "Bubble" interface and support for SNMPv2. EventIX includes a development toolkit, network interfaces, and ready-to-use apps. Bridgeway, Andover, MA, 508-683-3626, 685-1048 fax. RS# 361.

Engineering software. EnSight 5.2 ($8,500), CEI's distributed engineering postprocessor, can postprocess data from most analysis packages. Version 5.2 offers availability for Convex systems, support for additional file formats, and a variable calculator. CEI, Research Triangle Park, NC, 919-481-4301, 481-4306 fax, holloway@ceintl.com. RS# 363.

Visualization software. AVS has expanded the graphing capabilities of their Application Visualization System 3-D software. The new release adds support for a wide variety of plot types, complete control of axes and annotation within plots, and full-resolution PostScript and CGM output. (See "AVS/Express pampers programmers," News, September 1994.) Advanced Visual Systems, Waltham, MA, 617-890-4300, 890-8287 fax. RS# 360.

Storage. Maxoptix is shipping the Praxis network storage appliance, which installs 60 GB of LAN on-line storage in less than five minutes. Praxis is compatible with Netware 3.x and 4.x, connected directly to the Ethernet topology, and platform-and network operating system-independent. Maxoptix, San Jose, CA, 408-954-9700, 954-9711 fax. RS# 396.

Hyperlink software. DPS Hyperlink tool inserts hyperlink tokens in on-line documents, automating the process by searching for keywords and inserting the appropriate token. Database Publishing Software, Woburn, MA, 617-938-0018, 938-3810 fax. RS# 367.

Development tools. Apogee's 3.0 CD-ROM contains C/C++ and FORTRAN 77/90 compilers from Apogee, as well as BBN's TotalView GUI-style debugger and TakeFive's SNiFF+ 2.0 GUI C/C++ programming environment. License packages are available in various product configurations, and range from $1,570 to $4,950. Apogee, Campbell, CA, 408-369-9001, 369-9018 fax, malek@apogee.com. RS# 375.

Operating systems. Sun is shipping Solaris 2.4 for SPARC systems. New features include a multi-threaded foundation, a journalled filesystem, and transparent overlays for faster graphics performance. Solaris 2.4 is packaged with Sybase System 10 SQL Server and Wabi 2.0, which provides access to Microsoft Windows apps. Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, CA, 415-336-6117. RS# 401.

Testing hardware. The HSDTST ($1,995) is a hand-held testing unit for verifying the integrity of the data link between an Encore computer High Speed Data Interface and an attached device. A power supply and test cables are included. Applied Data Sciences, Dallas, TX, 214-243-0113, 243-0217 fax. RS# 386.

Manufacturing software. AutoSimulations announced AutoSched 4.0, which is used to model the allocation of resources in manufacturing environments. Version 4.0 can collect three times more statistical information; gives users the ability to determine starts, completes, cycle times, and reworks; and allows part-specific steps to be created within a routing. AutoSimulations, Bountiful, UT, 801-298-1398, 298-8186 fax. RS# 359.

Development tools. CA-Visual Objects ($895) is an object-oriented, Xbase, GUI application-development tool with more than 20 ODBC drivers that allow access to a wide variety of LAN- and server-based SQL databases. Also announced is CA-Unicenter 1.1, a network-management tool. Release 1.1 adds SNMP support. Computer Associates International, Islandia, NY, 516-342-5224, 342-5329 fax. RS# 391.

Time-synchronization tools. Datum is shipping three time-synchronization products: the bc635S Time & Frequency Processor ($1,995), which generates and translates time code signals; the bc637S GPS Satellite Receiver ($3,995), which can also acquire time from the Global Positioning System satellite constellation; and the TYMSERVE 2000, a GPS Stratum One network time server. Datum, San Jose, CA, 408-578-4161, 578-4165 fax. RS# 371.

Printers. The DECwriter 90ip ($340) portable ink-jet printer weighs 2.4 pounds and features a compact size of 11.6 by 5.2 by 2.5 inches. The DEClaser 3500 ($2,199; fax capability, $349) 600-dpi, 12 page-per-minute network printer can send and receive faxes as PostScript documents. Digital Equipment, Maynard, MA, 617-661-7900. RS# 372.

Document-management software. Documentum is shipping release 2.0 of its Enterprise Document Management System ($500 to $1,500). New features include the Virtual Document Manager, expanded workflow capabilities, and easier customization of the user environment. Documentum, Pleasanton, CA, 510-463-6800, 463-6850 fax. RS# 384.

Development tools. Forte Software released the Forte ($75,000) application-development environment, which includes a GUI designer, a 4GL, a set of class libraries, a class browser, an interactive debugger, and a development repository. Forte Software, Oakland, CA, 510-869-3400, 834-1508 fax. RS# 365.

Connectivity software. SuperTCP Pro ($595) gives Windows users full Internet, TCP/IP, and X-Window server capability. It is fully WinSock 1.1-compliant and requires no DOS memory. Frontier Technologies, Mequon, WI, 414-241-4555, 241-7084 fax, SuperTcpPro@FrontierTech.com. RS# 376.

Telecommuter bridges. Gandalf announced the LANLine 5242i voice and data ISDN telecommuter bridge, which comes with a voice channel that simultaneously supports an analog phone, fax machine, answering machine, and data transfer without having to install an extra phone line. Gandalf Technologies, Nepean, ONT, 613-723-6500, 226-1717 fax. RS# 377.

Development tools. XRT/table 2.0 ($1,495) enables Motif developers to build interactive tables into their applications. Version 2.0 adds data-entry forms and editable scrolled lists. (see "Widget vendors update wares," News, December 1994). KL Group, Toronto, ONT, 416-594-1026, 594-1919 fax, info@klg.com. RS# 402.

Network-management software. ScriptServer NQM ($5,000 for five queues) queue-management software for heterogeneous networks is available from GrayMatter with server support for SunOS, Solaris, and HP-UX. GrayMatter Software, Seattle, WA, 206-281-8800, 286-3331 fax. RS# 379.

Financial software. Great Plains is shipping its Dynamics C/S+ financial-management software for IBM RS/6000, which includes eight financial apps and a tools suite, as well as support for various inter- application communication protocols. Also announced is the Integration Manager for Lotus Notes, which works with Dynamics C/S+ and Dynamics LAN. Great Plains, Fargo, ND, 701-281-0550, 281-3700 fax, tkalil@gps.com. RS# 358.

Servers. Helios is shipping PCShare 2.0, a TCP/IP and Unix/RISC-based networking and file-transfer server for clients using DOS and Windows PCs in mixed environments. Version 2.0 adds WinSock and LANWorkPlace TCP/IP APIs, local PC printer support allowing Unix print queues to be redirected to printers locally attached to PCs, remote administration, automatic IP address assignment, and faster printing. Helios, Scotts Valley, CA, 408-461-6061, 461-6056 fax, marketing@helios.de. RS# 387.

Network-management software. HP announced HP OpenView AdminCenter ($15,800), centralized configuration- and change-management software that automates sysadmin tasks. AdminCenter will manage HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Solaris systems and PCs. Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA, 408-447-0985. RS# 390.

Development tools. NetLabs/Vision Development Environment 2.0 ($10,000) creates OSF/Motif applications to visually control and configure heterogeneous SNMP devices on TCP/IP networks. Version 2.0 can create a device-management system that is portable across IBM AIX, HP, and SunOS platforms. NetLabs, Los Altos, CA, 415-961-9500, 961-9300 fax. RS# 395.

Network address translators. NTI is shipping Private Internet Exchange (PIX), a network address translator that dynamically maps between reusable private network address and globally unique, registered Internet addresses, making it possible to connect more than 1,000 hosts to the Internet via a single Class C network registration. PIX also keeps hosts on private LANs invisible to the outside world. Network Translation Inc., Palo Alto, CA, 415-494-6387, 424-9110 fax. RS# 392.

Storage. ECCS released the Synchronix Data Management System ($1.16+/MB), which combines RAID (levels 0, 1, 3, 5, and 10) and hierarchical storage (SCSI disk drives, solid state disk, optical, and 4mm or 8mm tape) in one box. ECCS, Tinton Falls, NJ, 800-322-7462, 908-747-6542 fax. RS# 373.

Operating systems. NeXT is shipping a new version of its operating system, NextStep 3.3 ($799; $199 as an upgrade) for Intel and Motorola processors. Version 3.3 offers increased support for Intel-based PCs and enhanced-mode DOS and Windows applications. (See "NeXT plans Canon-based comeback," News, page 18.) NeXT Computer, Redwood City, CA, 415-366-0900, 780-3714 fax. RS# 393.

CAD software. OSA90/hope 3.0 is a benchmark CAD software system for simulation, modeling, and optimization of linear and nonlinear analog circuits. Version 3.0 features 3-D graphics for user-controllable visualization of design data and contour plotting. Optimization Systems Associates, Dundas, ONT, 905-628-8228, 628-8225 fax. RS# 389.

Development tools. QSYS released three application frameworks that provide a transparent interface for SmallTalk software developers, completely hiding the database and allowing developers to deal only with objects. They are Relational Database Framework, General Database Framework, and Transaction Framework. QSYS, Toronto, ONT, 416-594-0985, 369-0515 fax, 72072.2575@compuserve.com. RS# 353.

Development tools. Rational Rose/ SQLWindows 2.5 ($1,495) is a graphical object-oriented software-engineering tool that includes capabilities for modeling business objects and generating Gupta SQLWindows 5.0 source code, as well as relational-database managment system tables and views for Oracle7 and SQLBase. Rational, Santa Clara, CA, 408-496-3600, 496-3636 fax, karam@rational.com. RS# 351.

Development tools. Rogue Wave released DBtools.h++ ($495), a complete library of foundation classes to support software developers creating SQL database apps with C++. DBtools.h++ supports Oracle7, Sybase SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and ODBC. Rogue Wave, Corvallis, OR, 503-754-3010, 757-6650 fax, keving@ roguewave.com. RS# 352.

Financial software. Relational Financial Systems ($10,000+) is a suite of integrated accounting/ financial software modules that use Passport 4GL and support most RDBMS. Skylight Systems, Wyncote, PA, 215-576-1001, 576-1827 fax, skylight@atd.com. RS# 357.

Protocol analyzers. Triticom is shipping LANdecoder/e 2.1 ($945), a software-only protocol analyzer for Ethernet LANs. Version 2.1 enhances the filter/trigger options and adds more protocol decode suites, including NFS, X Windows, RUnix, DNS, SMTP, GGP, and EGP. Triticom, Eden Prairie, MN, 612-937-0772, 937-1998 fax. RS# 356.

Keyboards. The Series 500 Compact POS Keyboard is specifically designed for retailers; it has a small footprint (8 in. deep by 13 in. wide by 3 in. high), a spill-resistant membrane, and can interface with any serial or PC host. Ultimate Technology Corporation, Victor, NY, 716-924-9500, 924-1434 fax. RS# 394.

Business software. Uniplex Business Software 8 is available, with improved e-mail, a new Informix database engine, additional database links, and optional migration paths to Uniplex's onGO Office. The software is sold in customized bundles, depending on the needs of an organization. Uniplex, Irving, TX, 214-556-0106, 831-7100 fax, markd@uniplex.com. RS# 355.

Backup software. Perfect Back-Up ($399), previously known as Fast Back Plus for Unix, is a GUI-based backup tool that can back up NFS and NetWare systems to and from a Unix device located anywhere on the network. It replaces path names with user-created device names, making it simpler for regular folks to do their own backing up. Unisource, San Ramon, CA, 510-743-8880. RS# 354.

RDBMS. UniVerse postrelational database-management system allows Windows NT users access to 32-bit Unix applications, and comes in three configurations: the Server Edition ($435 per user), the Workgroup Edition ($295 per user), and the Developers Toolkit ($395 for two users). VMARK Software, Framingham, MA, 508-879-3311, 879-3332 fax. RS# 381.

Database management tools. Enterprise SQL Server Manager offers one-screen control of unlimited numbers of distributed database servers on heterogeneous platforms. It can be integrated with third-party management tools for resolution of system problems. Sybase, Emeryville, CA, 510-922-3500, 510-658-9441 fax. RS# 400.

X terminals. Phase X has bundled their mono and color X terminals with Axil SPARC workstations, ranging from $1,995 to $4,995 per seat. Phase X Systems, Beaverton, OR, 503-531-2400, 531-2401 fax, info@phasex.com. RS# 380.

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