Originally published in the February 1995 issue of Advanced Systems.

New or updated products for advanced systems computing

Products mentioned are new or significant improvements to previous versions. Prices are for single quantity or license, unless noted. Each product should be available now.

Wizard of O.S. ($49), a multi-OS boot utility, allows the user to choose between DOS, Windows, OS/2, NT, and Unix at boot; it also allows for multiple versions and configurations of a particular operating system -- up to 100 operating systems can be installed. Modular Software Systems, Kent, WA, 206-631-5781, 631-5779 fax. RS# 361.

MathSoft's StatSci Division is shipping the S+WAVELETS toolkit, a set of wavelets software tools that give scientists, engineers, and data analysts the ability to approximate and represent formerly difficult-to-analyze signals and images using linear combinations of localized "wave" functions. The tools work with the S-PLUS language for scientific and technical data. MathSoft, StatSci Division, Seattle, WA, 206-283-8802, mktg@statsci.com. RS# 362.

Exemplar ($275), a man page and source code example browser, is a Motif/X Window client or server that provides an integrated view of man pages with associated working example code fragments. MJM Software, Somerset, NJ, 908-873-0075, 873-2250 fax. RS# 363.

Macsyma 419 is available, with new features in linear algebra and partial differential equations, as well as enhanced numerical analysis and processing speed. Macsyma 419 comes with the Matpack module, which doubles the number of matrix commands to more than 350 and adds new language features. Macsyma, Arlington, MA, 617-646-4550, 646-3161 fax. RS# 382.

Intel released a 75-MHz Pentium processor for notebooks, which has an iCOMP index rating of 610, a SPECint92 rating of 75.2, and operates with a 64-bit, 50-MHz external bus. The processor is available in a tape carrier package (TCP) and a staggered pin grid array (SPGA). Pricing is $495 each for the TCP and $535 each for the SPGA version in 1,000-piece quantities. Intel, Santa Clara, CA, 408-765-7525, 800-628-8686. RS# 365.

NetWalker ($4,500) is a network-management platform designed for multivendor, multiplatform TCP/IP LAN or WAN environments. Features include an editable graphical display, a multimedia alarm system, and automatic mapping. Also announced is DynaSERVE ($19,000), an integrated hierarchical storage-management server that combines Fujitsu's storage-management software and disk arrays, HP's optical libraries, StorageTek tape libraries, and a Sun SPARCstation. Fujitsu, San Jose, CA, 408-432-1300, 456-7050 fax. RS# 366.

PowerBroker is a security tool that gives the sysadmin full control over who can run what, when, and where in the root account, without knowing root's password. PowerBroker also provides an audit trail of important system actions, can record entire sessions, and can attach to sessions in progress for real-time monitoring. Freedman Sharp and Associates, Calgary, ALB, 403-264-4822, 264-0873 fax, info@fsa.ca. RS# 368.

Cybernetx, an Internet access provider, is offering two direct dialup services, Cyber800 ($.15/min.) and CyberDial ($.12/min.), which individuals and businesses can use for a direct connection to the Internet. Cybernetx also announced the availability of fractional T1 Frame Relay accounts ($400/mo.+), higher bandwidth accounts that direct data over the least crowded line to ensure efficient transmission. Cybernetx, Charlotte, NC, 704-561-7000, 527-3727 fax, info@cybernetx.net. RS# 370.

Confluent is shipping Visual Thought 1.0 ($695), a conceptual drawing and diagramming tool with the ability to draw shapes and make rubberbanding connections between objects, as well as various engineering, business, and technical graphics features. Confluent, San Francisco, CA, 415-586-8700, 586-8838 fax, info@confluent.com. RS# 371.

Control Data released Advanced Operations Manager ($5,000), a GUI-based management application for Mail*Hub 2.3, the company's Unix-based messaging switch. Also announced is a Lotus Notes gateway ($5,000) for Mail*Hub 2.3, and a companion directory-synchronization software module ($2,500). Control Data Systems, Arden Hills, MN, 612-482-4444. RS# 372.

BBN announced its Internet Server ($9,895), a turnkey Unix server with a GUI that runs on Macintosh or Windows desktops. The server consists of an Intel Pentium-based PC running Berkeley Unix and configured with an Ethernet controller card and tape drive. It comes with 16 MB of RAM, a 500-MB hard disk, and BBN's GUI server-administration software. BBN, Cambridge, MA, 617-873-2000. RS# 373.

Axis is shipping two multiprotocol Token Ring pocket print servers, the NPS 630 and the NPS 632. Both are based on Axis' ETRAX RISC chip, cost $595, and feature simultaneous printing of Novell NetWare, LAN Manager/Server, TCP/IP, and Windows NT. The NPS 630 comes with an RJ-45 connector to support UTP Level 3 cabling and the NPS 632 features DB-9 STP Level 1 cabling. Axis also announced Twinax and Coax connectivity for the Lexmark AX-4039 printer ($795). Axis Communications, Danvers, MA, 508-777-7957, 777-9905 fax. RS# 374.

SunSoft released Wabi 2.0, the latest version of its Windows-to-Unix translation software, with support for Microsoft Office and Lotus SmartSuite, as well as enhanced CPU instruction translation. SunSoft, Chelmsford, MA, 508-442-0829, 250-5517. RS# 367. improved speed through automatic size adjustment of I/O buffers and the number of records in memory, and more report-writing options. IRI, Craryville, NY, 518-851-2815, 851-9822 fax, cosort@iri.com. RS# 397.

Release 3 of the I-Bridge Object Request Broker is shipping. This version delivers Unix apps, databases, services, utilities, and files as OLE objects to Microsoft Windows apps, includes object adapters to popular databases, and includes high-level access services that are identical for different sources. I-Kinetics, Cambridge, MA, 617-661-8181, 661-8625 fax, ahirsch@i-kinetics.com. RS# 401.

DSP has released several add-on modules to its DADiSP graphical data-analysis software: DADiSP/ Filters 3.0 ($495 for PCs, $995 for workstations), a digital filtering module with full FIR and IIR filtering capabilities; DADiSP/AdvDSP ($495/$995), a digital signal-processing module; and DADiSP/ Neural Net ($695), a backpropagation neural network algorithm. DSP Development, Cambridge, MA, 617-577-1133, 577-8211 fax. RS# 376.

Word for Word 6.1 ($499) document-conversion utility offers support for bi-directional conversions of word processing, spreadsheet, database, data communications, graphics, mail-merge, and compound document formats. MasterSoft, Scottsdale, AZ, 602-948-4888, 948-8261 fax. RS# 398.

The XP300V ($3,745+) X terminal from Tektronix incorporates analog video-in-a-window technology, displaying 30-frame-per-second video from a VCR, laser disc player, or other video source in an X Window. Tektronix, Wilsonville, OR, 503-685-2583. RS# 359.

Amdahl is shipping A+OpenWatch ($3,500) Distributed Threshold Monitor, performance-monitoring software that enables unattended monitoring of more than 150 performance parameters in distributed heterogeneous computing environments with up to 100 servers. Amdahl, Sunnyvale, CA, 408-746-6000. RS# 402.

Sonic Solutions released MediaNet 1.4, which incorporates a transparent Macintosh-to-Unix network file-system that allows large files to be transferred at a rate of up to 2 MB per second. The MediaNet system comes as a set of Macintosh-compatible NuBus circuit cards. Sonic Solutions, San Rafael, CA, 415-485-4800, 485-4877 fax. RS# 360.

ANS Interlock Service 3.0 is an application-layer gateway security service that controls access among segments of an enterprise's private IP network and/or among multiple enterprises that communicate over a private IP network, as well as between private networks and the Internet. ANS, Elmsford, NY, 914-789-5363, info@ans.net. RS# 403.

Motorola is shipping its Power- Stack ($3,295+) family of RISC personal computers, which are based on the PowerPC 603 microprocessor and the PowerStack Series MP (<$50,000) family of high-end SMP servers based on PowerPC microprocessors and IBM's AIX operating environment. Motorola, Tempe, AZ, 602-438-3481. RS # 404.

Locus Computing's PC-Interface 5.0 ($279) and PC-Interface Plus 2.0 ($449) are available with server support for SunOS 4.1.x, HP-UX 9.0, AIX, SCO, UnixWare, Motorola S900, and AT&T 3450 and 3550 running MP RAS. The PC-Interface server software is priced at $255. Locus, Inglewood, CA, 310-670-6500, 670-2980 fax. RS# 400.

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