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Demonstration Applets and Applications

Browser Requirements

In general, applets can run in AppletViewer or in Java-compatible browers as noted below. Of course, applets that depend on any new Java 1.1 APIs will not work on any browsers that support only Java 1.0, so there are version restrictions. The AppletViewer is provided with the JDK 1.1 software release.

In general, any applet or application that ran in JDK 1.0.2 should run correctly in JDK 1.1. A failure to do so is a bug, except for a small number of cases where compatibility has had to be broken to close potential security holes, or fix implementation or design bugs. For more details, see Compatibility.

Of course, Java applications do not run in a browser and require only the JDK or Java Runtime.


The applets in this section are part of the software download bundle and are located in the jdk1.1/demo directory.

Unless otherwise noted, the demo applets use only JDK 1.0.2 API. Applets that have been updated to use the JDK 1.1 API do not work in browsers that do not support JDK 1.1.

Additional applets may be found on the JavaSoft web site Applets page.

Applets and applications demonstrating new features of JDK 1.1

Some of the demo programs in this section are located in the software download bundle in the jdk1.1/demo directory; some are located in the documentation download bundle in the jdk1.1/docs/guide directory, and a few are located on the JavaSoft website.

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